Postal Rates Going Up Again… Makes me Want to go Postal!

Yet again another hike in the postal rates. Considering the rates were last raised only about one year ago it's pretty quick. And this time the hike is fairly substantial.

I just have to question why! Are we getting more for our money? I sure am not, I now live in the outskirts and although my mailbox is about a 15 second drive away from my house, the postman never stops in person to deliver a package in person. He just takes it the lazy way and leaves a note in my mailbox, meaning I have to waste even more money and drive all the way to the post office to get my packages.

On top of that, to make things worse, the packages or my area are processed at a postal annex and they only offer pickup services. This means I have yet to drive to another post office to drop off shipments (since my postman is too lazy to do pickups also).

With this rate increase, the only benefits of the USPS are for low weight items (under 2-3 pounds) and heavy items which happen to fit in a flat rate box. It sure looks like I will be migrating my business towards using another service such as UPS or FedEx for most of my shipments in the future!

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