Credit Card Fraud Protection, Are They Crazy?

Ok, I am getting really annoyed at the Visa automated fraud protection on my credit card...

It is the fourth time in the past few months where they call and lock out my card if I don't call them back within a few hours.

The main problem is that my distributor for books sold on does a single transaction for each book that I dropship, which can on some days lead to several hundred transactions originating from the same vendor.

I can understand how this may raise a red flag the first time. But I keep telling them that this vendor is okay and that they will sometimes process alot of transactions. So why do I keep getting this problem???

Now, to make things worse. My distributor is saying that they might close my account unless I get this resolved for good as everytime they lock out my account, it results in alot of declines on their part, which is a heradache for them. And of course, being a small account for them, it's too much trouble to deal with...


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