All Websites Finally Back Up!

Wow. Took a while!!

Well, was back up mid-day today. But took a little longer as I had more setup to do (such as uploading several GB of data, re-installing the SSL certs, ...).

As a side note, my server is hosted by , I have a dedicated server with them (they also offer coloc options). Of all the hosting providers i've been through over they years, they have been the best to work with. Their tech support is quick, friendly and (at least from my perspective) don't treat their customers as "tech idiots". Which makes communication with their techs so much easier.

The server was indeed down for all weekend, and it was mainly from an oops on their part. The tech which was working on the issue on friday forgot to pass the work off to a weekend tech. They've profusely appologized and made up for the inconvenience. Anyways, my point is that if you're looking for a dedicated server, I strongly recommend them...

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