The Joys of Being a Night-Owl.

Not sure if its joyful or not. Its 3:30 am in my office, with no lights out and no noise.

In a way, it's probably the best environment to get anything done. But with 3 days to do before I head back to work, i'll definetly have to break this cycle. Not so easy as it may sound. This is the one problem with the lack of an organized work structure, it is way to easy to simply take a nap when you feel tired and let your body decide on when to sleep. At least the weather seems to have been improving this week. With some real daylight, it might be easier to get back to a more "normal" schedule. I have to say the winters here in the NorthWest are horrendous. I can understand why there is a coffee shop at every street corner.

Besides that, i've started to fiddle with a new "homepage" for myself. Been meaning to do this for a while as a way to consolidate all of my stuff into a central location. And possibly move some of my non-publishing related projects away from the main Paradoxal Press website. With publishing, software and a bookstore... My business website has goten way too confusing. And my plan has been to break things into different sites. To avoid the manual editing of ASP.NET code (not that I mind but things can get messy when I do this for every single page), i've been looking at CMS solutions.

Somewhat surprising that there are so little decent solutions which are free (or open source) for .NET. Most of them are messy ports, several somewhat useless and plenty wrtten in VB.NET (I just hate Visual Basic). So far, the solution i've been leaning towards is Umbraco. It is easy enough to use, yet flexible enough so I can add custom components as needed. I just finished installing the software for my new homepage and edited a few pages. My goal is to have the new site live before I head back to work.

I've also been finishing up two new books. One should go to the printers next week. The other one probably in a month or so. I hope to have a press release and more information out on this within the next few days.

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