All the Data is Safe!

Yay! That sure took forever! Finally managed to get all the data copied to my main PC. Took a little over a week of trial and error to get the whole process done. So essentiallyh a whole week where I had no data access and probably more importantly, the worry whether or not I would see this data ever again. Which was my main concern in the first place since it contained all of my publishing work and software projects i've been working on!

So now, I will reassemble the Buffalo Terastation and send it back in for a replacement. I think this time I will develop my own solution which sounds like a safer approach where I at least have some control over the hardware and know how I can recover data from it. So once I get the replacement, I will probably place it up for auction on eBay and use the proceeds to build my own alternate Raid array.

Speaking of eBay, been punching in some more of my extra inventory. I should have another post with the latest listing later tonight.

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