One Week of Sick Leave Left!!

Wow. Is it that time already? Yep, I am returning to work on April the 2nd, after almost 10 weeks off. The first few weeks were really slow going but I have to admit the past month just flew by without me realizing it!

I have to admit I am still somewhat anxious and aprehensious about going back to work. Although the off time was restful and allowed me "fix myself" (or at least get a better understanding of what is going on), after so long being out of the loop I just really don't know what to expect.

So with one week left, I is time for me to tie loose ends here. There has been some things I have been procrastinating about around the house and business wise which I won't have as much time to deal with once I go back to work. Also, I have to try and readjust my sleeping schedule somewhat. Last week my bed time was roughly 4-5am. Now, i'm around 3am. So hopefuly I can go back to a more normal ~midnight schedule by next weekend. At least with my initial return to work being part time, this still gives me some time to adjust.

Besides that, I finally got the data from my Raid copying properly. Did not realize the iMac I had bought only had USB 1.1, meaning that it was going to take ~1 week to copy the data. So I went back to Fry's today and bought a FireWire -> IDE adapter this time. Now things are copying much faster. Will probably be done within about one day or so. Then I can finally return the TeraStation to Buffalo for a replacement. Not really sure if i'll use the replacement as-is. Performance (for the price) wasn't all that I expected and this whole hardware failiure really turned my off to the whole "proprietary hardware" scheme. So I think i'll simply re-sell the new box on eBay and use the proceeds to build myself my own solution. I have an older (and unused) P4 box here. So I think I will simply tweak it out and make my own array out of it. Now that I have all the USB/FireWire connectors, might as well make use of them. And with a copy of Windows Server 2000 on it, it should work great for my needs since I only have one non-Windows box in my house.

Was also hoping to get more inventory listed on eBay today. But it didn't happen. Had to drive to Fry's which automatically wasts 2 hours of my day and with the nicer weather today, my wife wanted to go to our lake and try to fish a little. So I will probably posting more items tomorrow evening then.

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