Raid Data Recovery Update.

Using UFS Explorer, I was able to recover about 90% if ny data. Unfortunately, some of it could not be recovered.

Two folders just contained way too many files for the program to handle and would run out of memory. I was told by the author that he will be fixing this for version 3.4 but in the meantime this leaves me without those files.

Also, some of the recently modified files could not be accessed. Unfortunately, UFS Explorer cannot do anything about those as it is most likely due to the journaling information which needs to be processed but this information is OS/Platform dependent and cannot be used.

So this essentially left me having to go with plan B... I went shopping at PC recycling stores today and found an PowerPC based iMac for about $200. Also went ahead and bought four USB -> IDE adaptors. TI have just finished installing the Ubuntu linux distribution and am installing updates and the needed components to access the raid. Once this is done, I could be able to mount the array to the system, enable the raid and have the OS repair the journaling and XFS file system. Hopefuly this will give me access to the remaining 20% of my data.

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