Raid Crisis! Part 2

Just wanted to post a follow up. As someone suggested, I could simply put the drives in a new box with a working firmware.

True enough, the drawback is that a 1TB TeraStation is in the $600-700 range. Somewhat of an expensive way to fix things and am trying to keep this as a last resort.

In the meantime, I am still working with UFS Explorer to try and get the data out of the disks. This will not fix the unit itself but as I have mentioned, my #1 concern is the data. Most of my home business work for the past few years is on there so there is obviously a sense of urgency in recovering the data...

So far, although UFS Explorer can't seem to recognize the file system, it was able to create an image of the disk and also extract some various data from the disk. Looking at text files, for example, does show that the data is still there on the disk. I think the main problem resides in the way the edianness of the data used by the linux-based os on the Terastation is affecting the way the XFS file system is recognized.

The tech support for UFS Explorer has ben prompt to respond and try to figure things out with me. I believe they are in europe so the turnaround between questions and answers can be a little slow but hopefuly we can have it figured out within the next few days. Or i'll have to cave in and get another terastation... But being somewhat broke these days, don't think I really want to go that path unless I really need to...

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