More about my diagnosis…

As Jon Patch commented on his blog:

"Sebby (Sebastien St. Laurent) has taken a break from the ACES for a couple of months to re-group.  His honest post about his personal journey is refreshingly frank.  Thanks, Sebby!"

Really thought I wanted to post a honnest diary of my progress and am glad to see readers to appreciate. Part of the reason behind my posting is to expose the fact that some disorders such as Bipolar may be more common than most people think. And I would have never even considered it until I read more about the other forms of bipolar and taking this information in consideration when thinking over not just recent events but other events throughout my life.

 Well, taking my first dose of Depakote tonight, will see in the next few days if it seems to make a difference.

(oh, and what's with the weather again. Come on, snow on the last day of February?!?!)

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