It’s now been 3 weeks…

I have been away from work for about 3 weeks now. Although time was slow moving the first week, days sure seem to be flying by now. Now, what have I been up to during my leave from work?

Well the first week was mainly spent sleeping. I guess my body (and mind) really needed it. Probably spent a good 12-16 hours per day sleeping. Which is odd for me as slepping in for me usually means sleeping 8-10 hours 🙂 Also spent that week dealing with the sale of my old town house.

Unless something goes really wrong this time, it should be closing at the end of the month. We had 2 buyers just bail out after the inspection with the excuse being that the carpet was too dirty/worn. Well it is a 10 year old carpet and I was more than willing to have it changed. But none of the buyers even attempted to request for it to be fixed. Which boggled both me and my realestate agent. So we ended up simply replacing the carpet and putting the house back on the market. Got a decent offer again (which there was no lack of offers, just a lack of "non-flakey" buyers) 🙂

The last two weeks have been mostly filled with various doctor appointments, trying to get me back on-track. I've also done a fair amount of work on our new house which is a good change of pace. Also been doing a little programming and book writing on my own projects. Which is something that i've somewhat neglected over the past few months. This also has been feeling good, somewhat different than from the usual work routine and I have been taking things at my own page.

When will I be back to work? The initial official date is around March 20th. But this will be re-evaluated next week and we will see. I am trying to maximize this time off to get things on-track at home and essentially get my head screwed on straight 🙂

Also been spending a lot of time

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