Away from work… For a while…

No, I am not leaving Microsoft nor the ACES group.

However, due to exhaustion and health issues both with me and my wife, I have decided to take a personal leave away from work for a few months. Hopefully enough time to get healthier, recharge and be ready to be fully productive with the new and upcoming releases from our group...

Consequently, I will not be posting any work related blog entries until I come back but will likely continue posting personal updates as time goes by.


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  1. OwenHewitt says:

    Hi Sebby,

    I’m sorry to hear that you are having health problems and I hope the time off will do some good.  I was hoping that you would elaborate a bit more on the animation system of FSX, but I suppose you have just been to busy for that sort of nonsense.

    Best regards,


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