Talk about a "BIG" Flight Sim X Review!

As a result of our review code distribution and continued outreach, the December 2006 issue of Computer Pilot features a 20-page review of "Flight Simulator X" and a special feature titled, “Should You Upgrade to ‘FSX’?”

“Flight Simulator X” Review – In a positive-in-tone review, Editor Doug Horton suggests multiple times to purchase the deluxe edition of “Flight Simulator X.” He continues to list five new significant features, including an immersive world, mission-based gameplay, new aircraft, online gameplay capabilities and interactive airports.

Horton then goes into several pages of detail to describe each of the five new features and praises the title by writing, "‘FSX’ is impressive in all areas that were added and updated: aircraft, airports, animations, glass cockpits, missions, multiplayer, scenery, terrain, textures, and view system, to name a few." He does, however, note several problems with the title, including flight model, framerate, flight file loading and bug issues.

Horton concludes his enthusiastic review by writing, "Borrowing from what real pilots might say, let’s ‘kick the tires and light the fires,’ and get flying with ‘FSX!’”

Forty-five screenshots and one box shot are included.

“Should You Upgrade To ‘FSX?’” – Editor Francois A. “Navman” Dumas adopts a positive-in-tone stance on "Flight Simulator X," tackling some concerns and questions from various forums. He clarifies that the title runs on multiple versions of Windows, not Vista-only, and that it does not utilize DirectX 10 yet. Moreover, the writer also notes that you do not need a Cray computer or a new graphics card to run the game, but calls out the inaccuracy of the minimum system requirements posted on Microsoft’s Web site.

Discounting some criticisms, he emphasizes that the newly featured missions add “new possibilities and opportunities” instead of taking away from the simulator experience, writing, “…quite frankly, I had a load of fun going through some of them.” He goes on to highlight improvements in aircraft, comparable performance to “Flight Simulator 9” and notes that the title “is not ‘just’ a graphics update!” Dumas also mentions several times the lack of need to buy new hardware before Windows Vista and DirectX 10 come out next year, as there will be new upgrades and add-ons.

Dumas concludes that although he will “most certainly” purchase the deluxe edition of “Flight Simulator X,” he will not upgrade his PC, writing, “Overall I am optimistic and enthusiastic, but it never hurts to remain critical and attentive before making any (expensive) decisions!"

Twenty-one screenshots are included.

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