Updated FlightSim Website…

A new version of the FSX Website has been released at http://www.fsinsider.com

The site features some new articles which may be of interest. Also note that we have released the first update to our SDK!!

Product Activation

One of the new features in Flight Simulator X that has generated the most questions (not to mention the most active speculation) is product activation.
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What's Your Frame Rate?

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been stretching the capabilities of personal computers for more than 25 years...
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What’s Your Frame Rate? (Part II)

Making Flight Simulator X really fly requires some tweaking. Join us as we delve deeper into the tradeoffs you can make between graphics performance and quality.
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Software Development Kit SP1

This update to the Software Development Kit (SDK) for Flight Simulator X includes improvements to almost all aspects of the SDK shipped in the Deluxe version.
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