New House and Crazy Weather…

We recently bought a new house in the Ames Lake area. Although still technically in Redmond, it is further out in the woods versus our old townhouse located closer to the downtown area. It does mean a longer commute to work and shopping areas but the transition from 1200 sqft to 3000 sqft is a big relief. Imagine having 3 cats, 3 parrots and running a book publishing business from such a small space. We actually moved in last week and are now loving in box-land, which will probably the case for a while since both me and my wife are both procrastinators when it comes to that stuff. 🙂 Here are a few pictures...

But of course, we had to have an interesting first week in our house. The past few days, the Redmond area (well most of Puget Sound) has been hit with blizard-like snow and record low temperatures. So with the undrivable conditions out there, both me and me wife have essentially been stranded here for the past two days. In addition our cable and internet service has been really flakey with the bad weather meaning we've been living on basic cable and mostly dial-up internet. Talk about boredom 🙂

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  1. gabriel.lozano says:

    It looks very nice! For a house like that we would pay over $500,000 in little Belgium. People earn an average of $30,000 / year.

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