Lots of new FSX PR/Reviews…

Having been somewhat offline for the past 2 weeks, there has been alot of buzz and PR about FSX. So here is my usual summary post with some of the latest information.

Here are some of the rating scores found on some sites/magazines.


  • Gameplay = 9.0

  • Gfx = 8.5

  • Sound = 8.0

  • Fun factor = 9.5

  • Depth = 8.2

  • Overall = 8.6


Gamenexus = 9.2 “Awesome”


Pocket-Lint = 9.0 “Top Marks”



  • Gameplay = 4.5

  • Gfx = 5

  • Sound = 4

  • Replay = 5

  • Overall = 4

Here are general reviews and comments from various outlets.


Review: Flight Simulator X


PC: Flight Sim X


It’s somewhat impressive and quite gratifying that even after more than twenty years of development, Microsoft is still finding ways to push the envelope with their ‘Flight Simulator.’ ‘Flight Simulator X’ has something new to benefit every sim pilot […] it amazes me how much capability has been built into a title that carries a suggested retail price of $69, which is less than the cost of a single hour of flying in a simple plane like a Cessna 172.”


'Flight Simulator X' soars to stores


PC: Flight Sim X


Marc Saltzman of USA Today posts a positive review of “Flight Simulator X.” Saltzman calls the graphics “incredibly lifelike” and mentions Microsoft’s “attention to detail” with its inclusion of more than 24,000 airports. Saltzman highlights the additions to the game, including Shared Skies, missions and notes that the Xbox 360 controller works in place of a joystick.


PC Pilot

Flight Simulator X: A Preview


PC: Flight Sim X


As a result of his ACES Studios visit and meeting with Shawn Firminger, Richard Benedikz of PC Pilot writes a positive preview of “Flight Simulator X,” what he refers to as, “the most significant release of Microsoft ‘Flight Simulator’  in the product’s history.” Benedikz focuses on the development of  the dynamic living world, highlighting regions and seasons, more than 24,000 airports, weather, stars and added aircraft.  He also notes the mission-based gameplay and Shared Skies experience.



Flight Simulator X


PC: Flight Sim X


Chris Oder of GameZone posts a positive review of “Flight Simulator X.” As a long time flight enthusiast, Oder mentions that he has been playing “Flight Simulator” since the Commodore 64 years and concludes that “the slew of new options [in “Flight Simulator X”] make it the most complete Flight Simulator to date.” Oder gives “Flight Simulator X” an overall 8.4 out of ten, with the highest marks going to graphics and concept. 


Wired Magazine



1st Party: Gears of War; PC: Flight Sim X


“Flight Simulator X” – Reporter Crispin Boyer also ran a small preview for “Flight Simulator X,” calling the graphics “stunning” and discussing the range of missions in the game.


Flight Simulator X


PC: Flight Sim X


Jason Grabau of JustPressPlay.com posts a positive review of “Flight Simulator X.” Grabau describes his experience as a newcomer to flight simulators and calls his time with “Flight Simulator X” a “grand adventure.” He highlights the airports, missions, tutorials and graphics, saying, “If it didn’t look this good, it just wouldn’t be Flight Simulator X, emphasis on the X. And no, not for X-treme, although this game is ‘totally wicked’, possibly even ‘to the max’.” Grabau gives the game an overall 8.5 out of 10 and includes several screenshots.



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