Been Gone Again…

I know, no posts again for a few weeks. It does start to sound old from my part after a while doesn't it 🙂

I actually was in Hawaii last week, on a postponed wedding aniversary vacation. No, we didn't get the quake. We actually got there 2 days after and we had to scramble to figure out if things were still okay for our vacation in Oahu. They essentially shook a little there and lost power for about 12 hours and that was it. Could not really tell there was an earthquake in the first place.

Since it was our second time there, we did not try to scramble and do too much. Mostly wanted to soak at the beach and relax. We did however go to the Sea Life park and spent about an hour swimming with dolphins. Well I guess we mostly played with "Kawili Kai" who is a half Wolfin. Not to get too technical, a Wolfin is a mix between a bottle nose dolphin and a false killer whale. And we were also visited by her 7mo old offspring who tried her best to do the same tricks her mommy did 🙂

I will post a few pictures when I get around to scanning them but it was indeed a fun trip.

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