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It has been quite a while since I've posted as to how my book publishing venture is going. And of course, quite alot has happen since my last posting and it is the best time ever to post an update on everything that's been going on. I am just doing a braindump as I am typing but this will probably turn into a large post 🙂

Practical .NET2 and C#2

Sales of this title have been good and steady and are still going well. Feedback from our reader base has been tremendously useful. Marketing wise, our main focus these days has been to expose the book to schools/universities for possible addoption in their curriculum. Since Patrick Smacchia wrote such a broad coverage of the 2.0 .NET platform and C#, it does make for a great candidate for classroom adoption. Also, we've been focusing on setting up good title pairings on Amazon to get good discounts and it seems to be having a good impact on the title's sales and ranking.

In addition, I have added a new bundle to the ParadoxalPress website which offers Practical .NET2 with Visual Studio 2005 at a pretty good discount. So, if you are considering getting started with C# or simply want to upgrade from the Express editions, this could be a good deal for you!

Paradoxal Press Bookstore

Our online Book Store has been doing well. Of course our main focus is still book publishing and the idea behind the general online book store is to gain online exposure and generate short-term cashflow to help finance future book publishing efforts (I will talk avout financing a little later). We sell alot of single copies but have been mainly helping out schools and churches with bulk/wholesale orders. Longer term plans include adding other products such as CDs and DVDs but at the moment, this effort has been low on the list of priorities.

New Books and New Editions

I will admit that over the past few months interest in Paradoxal Press has significantly grown and the number of book proposals has increased. This is more than great news as it goes to prove that our innovative publishing model is indeed appealing to authors. Although I cannot expose all the details of the new titles we are working on but I can hint to a few details of what it comming within the next 6 months or so.

A second edition of Practical .NET 2 and C# 2 is indeed in the works. At current sales rates, we expect our first printing to run out early next year and we are goaling to release the new edition in early 2007. One of the main focuses of the new edition is to address some of the significant grammar issues that were present in the previous edition (due to our hired editor doing a less than professional job). Part of the new release, we plan an "upgrade/replacement" plan for readers where we intend to offer the new edition essentially at cost + shipping/handling. More details on this will come as we get closer to the release. But if you have purchased this book and would like to be directly notified, feel free to email info@ParadoxalPress.com and we will add your to our mailing list. In addition to gramatical corrections, we are considering adding a few .NET 3.0 elements to the new version. Since most of the new features relate to Windows Vista and are more suited for a seperate books, because of the release time it would make sense to cover some of the transitional elements from .NET 2.0 to 3.0. And the new edition may be considered a little more like a .NET 2.5 version of the book.

A second edition of The Complete Effect and HLSL Guide is also in the works. Without going into any big details, the main improvements to the new edition is the addition of DirectX 10 specific topics to the already existing content aimed at DirectX 9. Making the new version a complete reference to writing shaders to both DirectX 9 and 10. There is not an exact release date yet but we are aiming at March 2007 at the moment.

Besides the new editions, We have one book in production in regards to Visual Studio Express and two titles relating to Web development.

As you can see, our portfolio is constantly growing and I am really proud of the offerings we will be releasing over the next year.

Looking for Authors

We are always looking for authors for new and interesting titles. Part of our portfolio over the next year, we want to focus on two main components. The new .NET 3.0 components for Vista (formely known as WinFX) and the new XNA game development architecture. If you have an idea or manuscript which relates to these topics, feel free to contact us at info@ParadoxalPress.com to discuss your idea.

Now Becoming a Real Company

Not that we were not a real company but as a Sole Propritership, room for growth is limited and is exposing myself to more financial and legal liabilities especially as the business grows. We have officially incorporated registered with the state and the IRS as Paradoxal Press Inc. The plan is to make the transition slowly to the new business structure and have everything fully transfered for the 2007 fiscal year.

Another reason for this transition is our new quest for seed growth capital. Although Paradoxal Press has been profitable since the begining, the production costs for a single title can range from $15,000-$30,000 depending on the initial print size. Part of our goal by incorporating is to open the door to outside investors and another perk is that we wanted to give shares of the company to our authors as this goes hand-in-hand with the cooperative approach to our publishing model.

If you are interested in helping Paradoxal Press grow and thrive, feel free to contact us for more information.

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