Flight Sim X comming soon and getting lots of press!

Flight Sim X has been getting alot of good press the past few weeks. I thought i'd consolidate the important tidbits into a single post for reference. Note that a few of the items in the list are "upcoming".

Computer Gaming World - 10/01/2006
“’Flight Simulator X’ continues the series’ tradition of absolute realism and the trend of increasingly exact virtual landscapes and city skylines, accurate aircraft models, and little details that make the world feel more alive.”

IGN.COM - 08/29/2006
Dan Adams of IGN.com features a positive preview of “Flight Simulator X.” Adams highlights the long history of the franchise, enhanced visuals to the immersive world, addition of mission-based gameplay, Shared Skies experience and expected improvements with DirectX 10 as key strengths of the title. He reports that one of the biggest additions to gameplay are the 50 missions introduced in “Flight Simulator X,” while calling Shared Skies a “cool idea for aviation enthusiast to spend some time with their friends.”


Flight Simulator X Hands-on Impressions - New Features, New Audio Experience, and a Hint at DirectX


PC: Flight Sim X


GameSpot’s Andrew Park posted a positive preview of “Flight Simulator X,” highlighting the game’s beautiful visuals, mission-based gameplay, “even more intriguing” multiplayer options and remarkably realistic audio capabilities. Overall, he concluded that “from what we've seen, the game should offer plenty of both the open-ended sandbox-style gameplay that players have come to know and love about the series, as well as some intriguing new options in the single-player missions and multiplayer.”


Hands-On: Microsoft Flight Simulator X


PC: Flight Sim X


GamePro.com’s Sid Shuman posted a very positive preview of “Flight Simulator X.”  Sid focused on the graphics and immersive world, noting that the visuals are “among the best ever developed for the PC.”  He was also impressed with the added mission-based gameplay and multi-player functions, that he called a “vast improvement over the networked modes of prior versions.”



Flight Simulator X


PC: Flight Sim X


Mike Nelson of 1UP.com posts a positive preview of “Flight Simulator X,” concluding that it “looks to have every ingredient necessary to be the perennial flight simulation experience.” He notes the Shared Skies capability, real-time weather data updates, dynamic world, improved audio experience and addition of 55 new missions.


Flight Simulator X (PC)


PC: Flight Sim X


GameSpy’s Miguel Lopez posts a positive preview of “Flight Simulator X,” which he calls “an undeniably modern iteration of this hallmark title that seems to both reinforce the systems that made it popular to begin with, and promises to bring new – and, dare we say, less hardcore – players into the fold.”

PC Gamer - 10/01/2006
Andy Mahood, PC Gamer features a very positive preview of “Flight Simulator X” in the October issue, complete with a mention of the game on the cover. Andy highlights the mission-based gameplay, immersive world, new aircraft and multi-player functions, which he believes will be “a boon for online flight instruction.” Mahood comments that “graphical upgrades will blow through the roof when the Window Vista version ships,” but notes that the “DX9 launch version is already a looker.” 

And of course, there is the Microsoft site to look at: www.microsoft.com/games/flightsimulatorx

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