Weekly Mish-Mash #2…

E3 Fallout, my thoughts about Xbox 360, PS3 and The Wii…


Well I won’t go too deep in this as E3 has come and passed and there were already several post out there.  But there has been some interesting developments in the console wars this year. Of course, being a Microsoft employee, I am biased towards the Xbox 360. But looking at the information from this year, it is interesting to see how things are turning. The Nintendo Wii  is as every other Nintendo, aimed more toward kids and family entertainment. The cave a core market and it makes sense for them to stick with it. Xbox 360 had a strong portfolio of upcoming games. The adoption of Xbox Live has also been tremendous. Now the juicy part… The PS3… 😉


It is interesting to see how this may be the beginning of the end of the Playstation legacy.  Seems like Sony is making mistake after mistake (and I’m not going to go into this whole rootkit issue).  One of the first issues is the price, at $500-$600 for a unit, this is way beyond what most games can afford to pay. In fact, the somewhat high price point of the first Xbox was one of the most common criticisms (How the PS3 Hit $600).  In addition, I have heard that the PS3’s size and weight are comparable for the first Xbox, which was another point of criticism for the first Xbox.



There is plenty more in the realm of rumors and speculation going around that isn’t looking good for Sony. Sure they will still sell plenty of units, but will the sales remain at this price range once the “fanboy” crowd get their fix? To me, it would seem like Sony is shooting themselves in the foot for the sake of “The Cell Chip” and the “Blue-Ray Disc”. Time will tell…


Coming back to the Xbox 360. Last time I mentioned the shortages seemed to be over. Well Guess I was wrong. As soon as I posted, the console went out of stock on BestBuy and Amazon. Well not they are back up and have been in-stock steady for a whole week. Guess this means the crazy demand is now over (well at least the incoming shipments has matched up with the demand)

Amazon.com Xbox 360 Video Game System (Fully-Loaded) Price: $399.99
Amazon.com Xbox 360 Video Game System (Core System) Price: $299.99

IN STOCK BestBuy.com has the Xbox 360 Console in stock for $400
IN STOCK BestBuy.com has the Xbox 360 - Starter Bundle in stock for $510
IN STOCK BestBuy.com has the Xbox 360 - Sports Bundle in stock for $580
IN STOCK BestBuy.com has the Xbox 360 - Gamer Bundle in stock for $590
IN STOCK BestBuy.com has the Xbox 360 - Live Bundle in stock for $760
IN STOCK BestBuy.com has the Xbox 360 - Ultra Bundle in stock for $860

Planta, Realtime Realistic Plant Rendering               

Planta is an advanced 3D engine for realtime realistic plant rendering. Planta SDK is the perfect solution for rendering and animating complex scenes made of thousands, even milions, of trees and plants with photorealistic quality in real-time....



I have to admit it looks really good. We have evaluated solutions such as SpeedTree in the past for Flight Simulator. I wonder how this solution compares to its competitors in terms of performance and ease of integration.


C# Script (the missing puzzle piece)


Ok, this is pretty cool! The idea is to allow C# code (or I should say a C#-like scripting language) to be run directly from the command line. I had written something similar for some build automations when I used to work at Z-Axis and I have to admit that the idea of being able to run simple little programs without the need of having them compiled as executables was really handy!


And to conclude, some other interesting deals…


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