EasyRegex Beta Reminder

This is a reminder about the EasyRegex beta. Give it a try, and most especially, give me feedback to make this software the best RegEx tool out there! J


Build regular expression libraries easily and seamlesly. Test those expressions against various inputs, get performance metrics for your expressions and even compile your regular espressions into .NET assemblies.

  • Build libraries with your regular expressions. Take advantage of the built-in expression builder to quickly and easily put together expressions.
  • Build a test matrix for your expression by adding various text sources and run your expressions against your test matrix to find problems and regressions.
  • Do performance testing of your regular expressions. Test various expressions against each other and compare the performance difference between run-time regular expressions and pre-compiled expression in the .NET framework.
  • Take advantage of a new feature of the 2.0 .NET framework by taking your regular expression libraries and pre-compiling them into assemblies which can be used directly in your .NET projects.

You can download the beta version of EasyRegex at:


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