Wesner Moise takes a look at Practical .NET 2 and C# 2 and takes a peek at VisualNDepend

Here is the link http://wesnerm.blogs.com/net_undocumented/2006/03/practical_net_a.html

And a few interesting excerpts...

I came across some praise for a new C# title “Practical .NET2 and C#2” by Patrick Smacchia. This book recently joined some other C# books in my bookshelf alongside books by Richter, Sells, Box, and so on.

The book is very well-written and very comprehensive, covering the common language runtine, the C# language and the framework in 800 pages. The author put a lot of energy into this book, and it shows with a lot of deep insight and behind the scenes information on how features work, including, for example, Reflector screenshots and the generated IL output for a feature. I find myself reading sections on topics I am very knowledgeable to see if there was any information that I missed.

Patrick Smacchia is a Microsoft MVP and created the .NET freeware command line static analysis tool NDepend. The tool allows .NET developers to obtain a unique understanding of any managed application. Visual NDepend, a graphical version of the tool, is currently being released as an alpha. A screenshot is below:

Although I am somewhat partial to this book, since the author reads my blog and borrowed some of my ideas on iterators, this is a really great C# book. (He also dual majored in mathematics and computer science like me.) The first edition of this book, which was only in French, apparently commanded 40% of all French .NET books sold.  

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