William Ryan posts his "NET 2.0 Reading List", which includes Practical .NET 2 and C# 2

The complete article is at: http://msmvps.com/blogs/williamryan/archive/2006/03/30/88459.aspx


Practical .NET 2 and C#2 by Patrick Smacchia.  Normally I don't buy books from people with really 'cool' hair. And I don't typically buy books from Publishers I don't know of. Stupid me. If this book is typical, Paradoxal Press will DEFINITELY be on the list of publishers I buy from regularly.  In more than a few instances, I couldn't have gotten my new stuff done without this book.  Both Patrick and Paradoxal deserve a ton of credit and this book is a wonderful reference.


As a side note, Paradoxal Press IS looking for new authors, well we always are. So if you have any "computer related" ideas, Please ping me!

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