Big name reviews for "Practical .NET2 and C#2".

Our new title "Practical .NET2 and C#2" has started to get great reviews by some big names. (and by the way, the 10% off amazon sale on has been extended indefinetly).

  • The book has amazing breadth of knowledge. I'm very surprised that one person knows so much. Mike Stall Developer on the Common Language Runtime (CLR) at Microsoft
  • Basically, if it's in the .NET platform you'll find it in this book. Fritz Onion MVP, Pluralsight trainer, author of Essential ASP.NET (Addison Wesley 2003)
  • The chapters I have read so far are excellent and full of detail. The book is a real joy to read. David Hayden MVP C#, professional website developer
  • If you don't have the patience to read through 5 different books to learn what you need to, then keep this book at an arms length. Sahil Malik MVP C#, author of Pro ADO.NET 2.0 (Apress 2005)

We have also been getting great reviews on Amazon also!

  • An excellent, in-depth tour through .NET 2.0, March 10, 2006
    First, let me admit that I haven't read the entire book. At around 850 pages, I'd have to be a much faster reader. But the parts I've read have been very impressive; the author clearly knows his stuff. This book is targetted at beginner and intermediate .NET developers, but f you're already fluent in .NET this book is also great for catching up with what's new in .NET 2.0. You can find the Table of Contents at the ParadoxalPress website for a good approximation of what's covered.

  • Excellant Introduction to Dot Net!!, March 9, 2006
    There are three types of books which target Dot Net-
    1. Books Which exclusively deal with Framework and the Base Classes.
    2. Second are general purpose books which give very little detail on Framework but give more weight to implementation.
    3. Special purpose books which deal with Custom Control Development or etc.
    This book has close to 75% of its focus on type1 and 25% on type2.

    Part1 gives a heavy weight introduction to the framework and PArt2 about c# and OOPS. Part3 has excellant chapters about Base Classes, Transactions and collections. I would have even preferred if PAtrick had skipped other chapter in Part 3 except for the chapters mentioned. But Part1 and Part2 is just worth the price of the book.

    This is an one stop shop for experienced Java and c++ programmers who are trying to know Dot Net and want to have some basic understanding on how to implement them.

    Existing Dot Net Programmer who has very little knowledge fundamentals of the platform or c# can also be helped by this book.

    Kudos to Patrick when there are many cookie cutter books he has come out with a book with deals with indepth knowledge and fundamentals of Dot Net.

  • The Best .NET Books, March 9, 2006
    Patrick Smacchia has practically decrypted the .NET Puzzle in its entirety to say the least.

    The Language and Simplicity to explain each and every thing about C# makes it a must read for anyone who is learning or already knows dotnet.

    The Practical insights are far reaching.

    Hats off for the Book.

    Cheerio !!!

  • Amazing breadth, March 9, 2006
    Very educational. The book has amazing breadth of knowledge. I'm very surprised that one person knows so much. It's a great, jump-right-in explanation of the CLR.
    It also has a good spread of the whole .NET framework stack. Couple this with a "How to write in C#" book and you're set.

  • Throrough survey of the platform, March 9, 2006
    I received this book for review, and found it to be a good survey of the entire .NET platform. Its length (>800 pages) is justified by the sheer number of topics touched on - consider this small sampling:

    Thread local storage
    Anonymous methods in C#
    Asynchronous ADO.NET requests
    Stream compression in System.IO
    Distributed transactions and resource managers
    Master pages in ASP.NET

    Basically, if it's in the .NET platform you'll find it in this book. Coverage of each topic is short and concise, and usually includes a small sample that is easy to understand.

    If you're looking for a single book to give you a better grasp of the breadth of this platform, this book should fit the bill nicely.

  • Great content and presentation, poor editing, March 8, 2006
    I bought this text after reading an article Smacchia wrote on Anonymous Methods which had completely blown me away. His work here is consistent with that article. His approach is characterized by very straight forward presentation and layout. The diagrams and tables throughout are fantastic!

    Great moments in this text include chapters on Deployment, Thread Synchronization, Security, and Native Interop wich are all conspicuously missing from Troelsen's C# 2005 and the .NET 2.0 Platform.

    The only trouble originates in Smacchia's French background. There are MANY English errors and clumsy wordings. Each of these only distract for a moment and don't hinder the points being taught, but are enough to bar a five star rating.

  • Great all-in one book!, February 22, 2006
    I recieved an early copy of the book through and I have to say this book is a great all-in-one for the 2.0 .NET Framework! It covers all the basics of the framework and C# while extensively covering the improvements to the 2.0 version of the framework. At almost 900 pages, this brick will definetly be the ultimate reference.


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