Books : "Practical .NET2 and C#2" by Patrick Smacchia

By Patrick Smacchia
ISBN 0-9766132-2-0
Jan 2006 (896 pages)

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The The author has placed himself from the point of view of the developer which must both be quickly productive and anticipate changes without having to question their acquired skills. More than half this book is dedicated to the new features introduced by version 2.0 of .NET.

•       The .NET platform: CLR, CIL language, Common Type System, assembly, metadata, JIT compilation, GC, AppDomain, MSBuild, deployment (ClickOnce, MSI), localization, process, thread, synchronization, asynchronous call, security, CAS, attribute, reflection, interoperability with P/Invoke and COM.

•       The C#2 language (and a detailed comparison with C++): Typing, class, structure,  object, interface, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, genericity, pointers and unsafe code, delegate, events, exception, nullable type, anonymous method, iterator.

•       The .NET Framework: Collection, trace, debugging, I/O, socket, file, Windows Forms 2, GDI+, ADO.NET 2, transaction, XML, .NET Remoting, ASP.NET 2, web services.

With several reminders to fundamental notiontions, students as well as beginners will feel at ease. The experienced developer will easily be able to take advantage of the subtle features offered by .NET 2.0 such as generics, unified transactional model, the unified transactional model, master pages or ClickOnce deployment.

Download the 647 code examples at www.PracticalDOT.Net.

Author Bio
Patrick Smacchia is a .NET MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) involved in software development for over 15 years. After graduating in mathematics and software from the ENSEEIHT school, he has worked on software in various fields such as stock exchange at Socit Gnrale, airplane ticket reservation at Amadeus and satellite base station at Alcatel. Hes now a software consultant and trainer on .NET technologies. Hes also the author of the tool NDepend which provides numerous metrics and caveats on any .NET application.
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