www.TheHopeMosaic.com to raise funds for hurricane victims

Since hurricane Katrina hit, I wanted to find a way to help the victims of the hurricane. Although giving money myself would help, I wanted to find a more global way to contribute. Browsing the web I found "The Million Dollar Homepage" and this is where the idea struck me.

Today, I have launched http://www.TheHopeMosaic.com in an effort to raise funds for victims of the hurricane in a new, groundbreaking and innovative way. The Hope Mosaic is a 1000x1000 image broken down into 8x8 mosaic tiles. To participate, each donation of 20$ will buy you one tile on the mosaic. We will put in the tiles you purchased the image of your choice as well as link it to the URL of your liking.

Whether you want to use it to promote your own website, spread a message of hope or simply help out with the relief effort. The Hope Mosaic will set internet history by bringing help in a collective way. Our goal is to fill the mosaic which would allow me (and Paradoxal Press) to contribute over $300,000 to the relief and rebuilding efforts.

If you cannot contribute financially, PLEASE help us by spreading the word. Tell your friends, family, your co-workers or post a link on your website or blog. The quicker the word spreads, the quicker we can rebuild the affected cities!

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