Self Publishing Update.

Well it is finally time. After about 8 months of labor on my own time, my second book (The Complete Effect and HLSL Guide) is finally out. In reallity it was planned for release on the first of september but I managed to get slightly ahead of my schedule and get some early copies back from the printer about two weeks ago.

I have to admit that dealing with all the steps myself was much more work than initially anticipated but everything I learned from the experience was more than worth the trouble. In addition, I have managed to stick to my budget by some clever work exchange agreements. I managed to take my book from idea to print for about 1500$ (including some marketing costs) if you don't consider the hordes of hours i've put on the project.

Anyways, the title is now availible on my website ( and Amazon ( What will my next project be? Well, for now I plan on taking some time off 😉

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