FreeIpods… The conclusion.

Yet again, been a long time since my last post. Life gets crazy sometimes, and I can say i've had more than my share of craziness this year. Well there has been more developments over the past few weeks and I thought i'd share. This will most likely be my last post on the topic.
In my last post, I've mentioned that my order went into processing. Well about two weeks later, it went into "Sent to vendor". And about one week after that, i've received a nice little (almost) free IPod. Since I already had a portable video/music player, I had no need for it and i've put it up for grabs on Ebay HERE  (there is about two days left to the auction if anyone is interested).
About one week after this post, I did finally received the little IPod shuffle. This one went to my wife as she wanted some kind of portable music player but one as simple as possible. So this one is perfect for her!
My order is still processing on this site. Contacted them recently and they said they would look into it. Of course this is the item I wanted most but I will not hold my breath as support on this site seems really sketchy.

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