Long time no post… Again!

Well it has been a little over one month since my last post. As usual, life has a way of drowning you sometimes. Nw tht I have a few minutes to spare, I thought it was time for an update.

Nothing special to report on this end, still working hard but at least progress is being made. Oh yeah, did I mention I could use some vacation 😉

My book (The COMPLETE Effect and HLSL Guide) is making good progress, the text is curently coming out of edit and is curently being laid out. Everything is still on track for a September release. In addition, my companion booklet (The COMPLETE HLSL Reference) is now officially out and availible for order at www.ParadoxalPress.com. Also, although not officially confirmed yet, all Meltdown attendees will recieve a free copy as part of their goodie bag! 🙂

Will post an update on this right after this post...

Home Life
To continue this never ending string of bad luck, my wife's grandmother passed away two weeks ago and had to go back to California to attend her funeral. At this rate, there won't be anyone else left to die...

In addition, my wife's illness is still going on. At least now they have conformed she has a rare problem called Nutcracker esophageous which essentially means she has constant uncontrolled spasms which often prefents food from going down and causes her severe pain.

So far, no medication seems to have any effect and a Botox treatment didn't work either. The only option left is surgery (called a Myotomy) there they essentially cut the muscles of the eusophageous. Its is somewhat of a big surgery but the biggest problem is finding a surgeon willing (or interested) in doing it. It is looking like we may have to travel out of state for the procedure.

Help me and my wife out, check out my sponsors::

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