Free IPods… Myth or scam? (2 month update)

It has been about two months since I initially started the process. Although I have not posted an update in for almost 6 weeks, there has been a fair amount of development.
I quickly managed to get all the needed referals about one week after my last post. At that point my account went into the approval process where they make sure none of my referals have cheated. Two weeks later, two of my referals were suspended for suspicion of fraud. One of them claimed it wasn't the case but nothing came out of it.

I have now managed to get two more referals for the site and have gone through the approval process again. This time my account was approved and they are processing my order (which is the step before they actually send the Ipod to me). This was about four days ago but the process can take up to two weeks, so we will see.
I've also started this site a few weeks ago since it required few referals. About one week later, I had all the referals needed. Not my account is approved and my order has even been "sent to vendor" which means I should be recieving the item soon. Yay!! 😀
I really wanted a PDA cell phone so I started this site at about the same time as I started the Ipod. The experience on this site has been plagues with problems. The turnaround on my referals was really low but last week I finally got the 12 green referals needed (took 25 actually referals to get 12 greens). My order has been placed and is currently being processed.

About 2 months of work for about 1000$ worth of gear (assuming I get it all), not too shabby of a deal... Will keep you all posted.

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