Long time no post….

It has been somewhat of a while since i've posted anything significant. I have a few minutes to burn right now so why not give an update as to everything that has been happening recently.

Work has definetly been keeping me busy recently. With being away for 3 weeks and the influx of new tasks, everybody's plate here are getting really full! On the flip side, its always nice to finally see a project really taking form get a better idea of what the final product may look like! Well, I could definetly use some more rest time but I have no vacation left 😉

Significant progress have been made in the preparation of my next book ("The Complete Effect and HLSL Guide"). Currently the book is past the technical edit portion and going into copy edit. At the current rate, the book should easily meet is Sept 1st release date. In addition to the book, i've been working on a companion booklet ("The Complete HLSL Reference") which is a small size wire-bound booklet with all the pertinent information for HLSL developers. The booklet is actually at the printer right now and I should recieve the complete materials early next week. I will actually unviele the booklet at GDX during my presentation. 🙂

I have been also busy preparing my presentation for GDX this year. It will focus on the basic use of RenderMonkey for both shader developers and artists. The presentation should be complete this weekend.

Other Things...

  • My wife finaly came back from CA this week. She had been gone to help her mother with grandma (who had fallen and broken her hip). This was a hard time, considering gradma is 92 years old!
  • My wife's eusophagous issues have finaly been diagnosed. Its what they call a "Nutcracker Esophagous". Usually not too rare in old people but most of the time, they can actually figure out a cause. Not in her case, which makes her a really rare case. Thay can fix the issue but it will require surgery. Hopefuly they can move forward within the next week or two.
  • That's about it for the big stufff... More updates later 🙂

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