Free IPods… Myth or scam? (week 1 update)

It has been about one week since my original post and thought it might be time for a little update on the topic. So far, I’ve also signed up on another site to get a PDA phone (always wanted one) and I’m still working on the IPod site. Below are my results until now…

My offer: Completed!
Referals: 2/5 (one green, one yellow)

My offer: Completed!
Referals: 9/12 (one green, eight yellow)

Note that green means the referal has signed up and gotten credit for their completed offer. Yellow is when someone signed up but havn’t gotten credit yet, but some offers can take up to two weeks to give credit. As for the free part, this is relative, not all offers are free but you can usually manage to keep costs down especially when you do an offer you had interest in to start with. I’ve spent about 50$ so far but I have been doing referal exchanges which forced me to complete some additional offers myself. But even so, it’s still a good deal for a 200$ IPod and a 650$ PDA phone.

Overall, i’ve done well last week, we will see if this weeks goes as well.

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