I will be speaking at the upcoming GDX (Game Developers eXchange 2005)

I have been invited by Thomson (Course PTR) to conduct a secction at the upcoming Game Developers eXchange 2005 this May 6th. The topic of my talk will be the following:

"Shaders for Programmers and Artists: RenderMonkey 101" – Sebastien St-Laurent
The presentation explores the use of RenderMonkey and the High-Level Shading Language (HLSL) from the points of view of both programmers and artists. Such tools allow the easy prototyping of graphical effects and give all parties involved a common means of experimenting and refining their graphical effects. St.-Laurent will give a brief overview of the use of both the RenderMonkey tool and how the HLSL language can be used to implement shaders. He will give specific shader examples and explore in more detail the possible interactions between artists and programmers. The session will use a hands-on approach, working directly within RenderMonkey to show practical examples.


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