Review – Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks

If you recall my post from about one week ago, i had a chance to meet up with Minh T. Nguyen, the author of Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks. I had a chance to read his book this week and thought I would share some of my thoughts on the topic.

The book itself serves as a collection of over 120 vraious little tips and tricks related to using Visual Studio and how to be efficient using the IDE. Although most of the tips come from information which can be discovered through the Visual Studio help files, many of the tricks are useful and hiddel little features which can make your life easier.

For example, did you know that pressing the Alt key while making a selection with your mouse, you will select a colum instead of picking whole lines?

This book does not serve the purpose of teachning you how to program or how to use the IDE as a general tool. It is a quick, easy and powerful guide to teach you how to be efficient and productive using the Visual Studio .NET IDE.

This book availible from HERE.

You may also want to visit Minh's website HERE.

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