Immigration… Process, Procedure and Screw-ups! (Part 2)

Finally had my appointment at the Seattle CIS office yesterday. Of course, even though I had an appointment, this only gave me the right to get a number and have to go wait for two hours until my turn came up.

It was somewhat funny as I was waiting, I was looking at the clerks there and tried to point out the ones that didn't seem like the classic disgruntle bureaucrat. Turns out there was this women at counter #5 which seemed smiling and chatty. So I crossed my fingers hoping she would be the one calling me up. I mean, all I needed was a nasty clerk who didn't care about helping me!

So after two hours, my turn came up and for once got lucky as Iwas called up to counter #5!! Yay!! She was really nice and more than willing to help me out. So it turns out that for some reason, my file is still in the Norfolk, VA office so she could not issue a new EAD right away because of this. However, she did let me file all my forms and she said she would request an expedite transfer from Virginia and make sure my claim was processed right away.

She said that the file transfer should take less than a week and that I should expect an appointment notice to pick up my new card within two weeks. Assuming no additional screw-ups, this is good news and i am crossing my fingers that everything will go well.

(Oh, and by the way. I want to thank evetybody who sent kind words back to me about my previous post in regards to my mother's health)

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