My new Gmail account.

I am currently on vacation, well visiting friends and family back in California. It was a fun weekend and will be returning back to Washington tomorrow morning.

So me and my wife a relaxing, she is reading a book and i am playing on the computer. Well I did finaly recieve an invite to Gmail. Although i have only been playing with it for an hour or so i thought i would take a few minutes to give my initial thoughts.

So far I am very impressed with its interface and functionality. The way it seems to me is that you could say it is Hotmail with way more storage, a more geek friendly interface and i have to say that the archival and label features are really nice. I have already started transfering some of my mailing list subscriptions and emails over to the new account. I have to say it is nice to have so much storage although i think i can probably blow through it in a year or so 🙂

Thursday, i have an appointment with the INS (well not called the CIS). Lets see if they'll be friendly considering that they are the ones who majorly screwed up.

UPDATE: I am getting a little tired of all the fake feedback to this article from people trying to mooch a gmail account invite from me. I have a limited number of invites and would rather use them on friends and family than some begging online stranger. Just go on ebay. There are plenty for sale (for cheap!) there.

Comments (11)

  1. Matt says:

    The only trouble I see with GMail is the lack of rich text editing. You can’t make bold, italic etc text.

    It’s not good when compared to competitiors

  2. IUnknown says:

    GMail is just great, Hotmail just sucks. When I use my 2Mb free full of spam and heavy ads hotmail mailbox, I’m getting sick. Way to go, GMail!

  3. So far i love it so much and only using 0.3% of its capacity. Lets see if the "never delete an email ever again" claim holds for a whole year 🙂

  4. hello Dear frein

    I am a are gmail account holder.please give me a gmail invitation for account.

  5. zizi.m says:

    Please a idd a new account

    pleasssse !!!

  6. zizi.m says:

    Please a idd a new account

    pleasssse !!!

  7. X3 says:

    If anyone needs a Gmail account, I would be more than happy to invite someone in return for something (a nice pic, a good offer, etc.) 😀 If you are interested, e-mail me : Thanks. ^^

  8. deftry says:

    Hello i googled this site and I would like to ask u if u would be nice enough to hook me up with a gmail account.

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