Self-Publishing. The start of a new journey…

For those of you who are subscribed to my blog, you may have seen a few of my posts about my will to self-publish my next book. But for those who may not know, having recently published my first book, I have been contemplating a different path for my next book which is to completely produce the title on my own!

I have already started writing my next book (i am about 50-60% done at this point) but was waiting on approval from my publisher. Why? Well most book publishing contracts contain a "first refusal" clause stating that you must submit your next idea to them first for consideration before considering another publisher. So after over three months of waiting with no approval or rejection in sight, I have decided to go over my contract once more. Turns out the final contract i have signed did not contain such a clause so I was free to do my own thing from the start!!

And now Paradoxal Press is born! Of course I am still in the initial business stages and still have to finish writing my book but i plan on posting periodic blog entries sharing my experience, discoveries and progress. So stay tuned for more!

CALL TO AUTHORS: Although I am still in the early stages of business development, my goal is not only to self-publish books but also publish other books in related fields (hopefully 3-4 books per year in the beginning). You may first wonder why an author would want to use Paradoxal Press as a publisher since there are plenty of traditional oles out there? My goal is to implement a new publishing model which i call "Collaborative Publishing". In this model, the selection process for books is similar than with a traditional publisher (i.e: I will not publish anything like a vanity press does) but both the author and I will work together in the preparation of the book, it's distribution and marketing. In the end, this means the author gets more control over the whole creative process, gets a significantly better royalty (because of the reduced overhead) and marketing support similar to what could be achieved through a regular publisher (well, at least as the company grows). So if you have any good ideas or have a manuscript in any computer engineering (or computer science) field that you would like to bring to life, please contact me!!

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