No Posts? No i’m not dead…

Well not totally dead at least.

Been struggling with the flu over the past week. Guess this means i won't need one of those flu shots 🙂 And on top, i've been dealing with deadlines at work and some immigration issues.

Well, turns out my immigration attorneys have been somewhat negligent on my case and my work authorization is 5 weeks from expiring and they have yet to request an extension. Which means i have to harass a bunch of people for them to get in gear. In essence, i need my renewal sent in this week! But the problem seems to be that no one knows where my case file is since i moves from San Fransisco to Seattle over the last year.


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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    I just thought you were busy doing something cool, well that sucks, and welcome to the USA, you know as a corporate programmers we can make corporations process and things hum along, Biztalk 2004 is another great tool to help with this, but you know you sit back and look the governemnts systems, the state systems, and so on and they are so antiquated. I am sure you have had your pleasures with the DMV, but they are getting better. They are better than when I first turned 16.

    BTW you never announced did anyone win your website contest? I got too swamped with work to enter.

  2. No Jeff, i wish i was working on something more interesting. Well the only interesting i have been working on in my spare time is my next book. But i can’t really say much about it right now.

    As for my "website design" contest. Well i did not get any entries 🙁 Guess i needed to offer more than a simple book as a prize. Will consider re-launching it soon with something more interesting.

  3. Jeff Parker says:

    Ahh well I was interested in doing it, just got swamped designed 3 web sites that month was just burned out, plus tried to force everything so called web standards compliant but got so burnt out on it.

    I will still put something together for you that will definately clean it up and make it easier to update I got another round of getting UI creative coming up. I prefer and enjoy server coding, controls and classes and libraries, but do UI as well for both web and windows, Advantage of being in a smaller group you get a heck of a lot of different projects.

    I think I said before I do 3d for fun, My latest project is trying to get this beast to go in and animate completely by my own code in direct X9 and .net unfortunately the biggest problem is all that detail is modeled. He is over 1 mill polygons and about 500 meg file.

    Once I get that done I am doing some more web designs. I need to rebuild my own domain as I just moved everything there to new servers.

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