Other Authors Venture Into Self-Publishing…

A few interesting posts I've found on authors self-publishing...

The first interesting tidbit is Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks which has been written by Minh T. Nguyen and is being self-published through the LuLu.com service. Seems like the book has just been released but i am curious to see how well it will fare.

Another interesting tidbit is about Gryphonwood Press who has used POD to publish their low distribution newsletter (or magazine i should say).

Seems like POD (Print-On-Demand) is gaining more attention and is gaining several viable markets!!!

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  1. Don Demsak says:

    Here’s my post on the subject, with tons of comments.

  2. Yup, I’ve self-published this book through lulu.com, which so far has met/exceeded my high expectations. It was a fun process to self-publish, as you are in control of your own price, timeline, format, etc. The print-quality is superb, so I can only imagine that POD will gain even more momentum in the future.

    The only drawback with self-publishing is promotion. As a self-published author you don’t have the same connections to magazines/reviewers/etc as the big publishing companies, let alone the time it takes to do so effectively.

  3. Thanks for the info Minh.

    I already know the promotion will be the difficult part if i decide to go my own way. However, my book being in somewhat of a niche field, I have the extra advantage having less promotional channels to search through.

    Actually, one of my other worries is getting retail book stores to carry my book, especially if I take the POD path. Any luck with this Minh?

  4. I haven’t tried yet (I have been so busy these days), but I have been told that retail book stores generally don’t take those, because POD usually does not come with a return policy. If the bookstore can’t sell your book, they need to return it to you. Unless you individually deal with them and offer to take returns (which is way to time-consuming), they generally won’t accept them.

    But that’s what I have been told in general and that exceptions do occur often. I can imagine that bookstores in your hometown are more open to have your book in support of local authors.

    See http://www.barnesandnobleinc.com/authors/advice/ac_getting.html for more info. I’ll give that a try. 😉

  5. It is true that bookstores won’t take books which don’t have a return policy. Some POD companies will allow return policies. Lightning Source allows the author to define the return policies.

    Not sure how the handle the returns but i assume they simply send them back to the author. Which is fine with me as i can use thoses copies for promo and for resale on like eBay.

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