Book: “Shaders for Game Programmers and Artists”


Shaders for Game Programmers and Artists

By Sebastien St-Laurent
ISBN: 1-59200-092-4
May 2004 (512 pages)

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"Shaders for Game Programmers and Artists"—the title says it all. This book does something that other shader books don’t. It focuses solely on shaders and their creation. You’ll use ATI’s RenderMonkey platform, giving you an easy-to-use framework for shader development and allowing you to focus your energy on shader development rather than the development of framework applications. Cover simple techniques, from the basics of color filters to more advanced topics, such as depth of field, heat shimmer, and high-dynamic range rendering. Extensive excercises at the end of each chapter allow you to test your skills by expanding upon the shader you’ve just developed. Whether you are an engineer or a technically minded artist, you’ve finally found the ideal guide for mastering shaders!

Explores a wide variety of shader techniques
  *   Simple tutorial approach makes understanding shaders easy and straight forward
  *   Unique use of RenderMonkey to develop shaders allows the reader to learn all the
       latest shader techniques with no API knowledge and minimal 3D understanding

Table of Contents
Part 1: From the Ground Up
    1. Welcome to the World of Shaders
    2. The Art of 3D
    3. RenderMonkey Version 1.5
    4. Getting Started, Your First Shaders
  Part 2: Screen Effects
5. Looking Through a Filter
    6. Blurring Things Up
    7. It’s Getting Hot in Here
    8. Making Your Day Brighter
  Part 3: Making It Look Real
9.May There Be Light
    10. Shiny Little Pixels
    11. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
    12. Not All Materials Are the Same
    13. Building Materials from Scratch
    14. Why Does It Always Need to Look Real?
  Part 4: Advanced Topics
15. Watch Out for that Morning Fog
    16. Moving Objects Around
    17. Advanced Lighting
    18. Shadowing
    19. Geometry Tricks
A: High Level Shader Language Reference
    B: Render Monkey Version 1.5 User Manual
    C: What’s on the CD
    D: Solutions to Exercises
    E: Shader Library


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