Misc Computer Graphics News (09/16/04)

I have decided to keep track of interesting news going on in the computer graphics world and make a weekly post (or so) with a few news items and my comments... So here i go...

ShaderTech.com has announced the winners of the Summer 2004 Shader Triathlon. All entries can be downloaded including the source code with shaders. What makes this interesting for me is that i am planning my own RenderMonkey oriented shader contest. At this time, I have a few sponsors and am trying to put everything together. Expect some kind of announcement soon enough 🙂

Linköping Institute of Technology in Sweden is now offering a master's program for advanced computer graphic, aiming to provide the student with a sound, broad technical basis in high performance computer graphics through the compulsory set of courses. Students may then choose specializations through the elective course set which will equip them for projects in specific application areas related to gaming, film special effects, VR and visualization in the final stage of the programme. There are no tuition fees including for international students. The deadline for applying is on October 1, 2004.


This is cool! Wish there was more focus on video games and real-time computer graphics when I was in school 🙂



NVIDIA has posted some presentations from several recent conferences: EurographicsEuropean Developer ForumIron Developer (Japan)Perfect Kitchen Art (China)GPU BBQ (Korea) The slides for the Asian events are available in both English and the local languages.


I always like new CG publications 🙂



IDV has released a demo containing seven real-time worlds showcasing the SpeedTree technology. The demo includes natural-looking, windblown trees and grass, new lighting algorithms, vast terrains covering hundreds of square miles – and a choice of a haunted woods, New England autumn, Vietnam jungle, Outback, and more. SpeedTree Technology takes advantage of geometry instancing, shader model 2.0, numerous shadows techniques, volumetric fog, bump mapping, and more. More info can be found at this page.

I have downloaded the demo and i have to say that their technology is pretty sweet. From what i hear, more game use of SpeedTree is comming up. I am definetly looking forward to seeing a real in-game use of their tree technology, especially from a performance point of view.

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