Dental Work… Part Deux!

Well i haven't posted in the last few days, and mostly for a few reasons. First of all, I've been finishing up a milestone at work and been trying to nail down some evasive little bugs.

But on top of that both my wife and i have been going through some dental torture. I had some work done last week and all was fine until a few days ago where i started getting some increasing pain. I am usually pretty tolerant but when it gets to the point where i can't sleep, just have to do something about it. (yes pain medication works but usually only for 3 hours at a time so it is really had to get a full night sleep). So my wife had some follow up work yesterday so i went with her and had mine checked out.

According to the dentist, i just needed some of my new fillings adjusted and that the pain should go away. Well okay, i still hurt but i can take a day or two to taper down so I'll see. As for my wife, well right after leaving the office she was already complaining of pain. But then again after having a few fillings done it always hurt. But a 4-5 hours later she was still partly numb (Novocaine usually wears off in a few hours) and was crying from the pain. So time to page the dentist!

He was kind enough to drive back to the office and see us there. So he readjusted some fillings and numbed her some more so she could sleep. This morning it was still sore but better than the previous day. So it looks like things are on the way up. Just somewhat of a painfully days for both my wife and us.

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