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Of course i don't always want to just rant about misc things in my blog. So i thought i would post a little "request for topics" message asking anybody to ask me about topics they would like answered. Of course since i am in the field of computer graphics, this would be the #1 topic to ask about but i am open to other suggestions also.

In addition, I am currently in the pondering stage in the regards to my next book. Although i do have 2-3 good ideas floating around in my head i was wondering is anyone out there had suggestions of computer graphics related books they would like to see a book written about. Not that my current ideas are bad, just want to write something that a wide audience would be interested in 🙂

So if you have any comments, just leave a comment. Thanks!

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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    Well I did comment before, Nurbs VS Polygonal Models. Thoughts Opinions?

    What tools do you use to create 3d models and Why?

    What tools for 2d graphics and why?

    Texture mappings, bump mapping?

    An all time favorite 3d lighting, tips tricks.

    Color Schemes patterns and practices.

    Actually depending on how in depth you want to go, and I am not sure on your flavor of programming but someone really digging into System.Drawing on their blog would be really cool. More specifically System.Drawing.Drawing2d or System.Drawing.Design

    Seem like those namespaces are rarely ever even discussed. You know though your potential is pretty unlimited. I have been a Microsoft Blog fan for quite sometime and have a folder in sharpreader for the Microsoft 3d and artists which is a topic that does interest me, but you are by far the most active blogger in that category.

  2. Thanks Jeff.

    I did receive your previous comment in regards to Nurbs and it was already on my list of prospective subjects. And thanks for all the extra suggestions, should keep me busy for a while.

  3. Jeff Parker says:

    No problem. The lighting one could really cover a broad range, though not sure what to ask about it. Lighting seems to such a broad topic from reproducing daylight to directional lights or even random lighting and reflections, hues and saturations. Hmm the more think about it the more things I can think to ask on lighting.

    That might be a good book topic for you Lighting could be a huge book subject in itself. I think pretty much most of the books on lighting I have ever seen were application specific or engine specific and usually just a Chapter or two in a bigger book on the app or engine. You know what I mean? The Here this is how you adjust it and these are your options, these are the ranges, not really techniques or ideas in getting good lighting or setting the mood. This could be very good for both Artist and developers alike.

  4. Brandon says:

    I’d like to hear about current trends in the graphics industry and more importantly your take on where graphics will be in the next 5 years.

    I’d also like to hear about anything related to XNA. Is it just a marketing buzzword, or is this something that’s going to be some sort of api like a higher level D3DX?

  5. Thanks for the XNA idea… Will add it to my list 🙂

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