Back from our anniversary. Nice to go away, even if only for a day :)

Well me and my wife just returned a few hours ago from our first wedding anniversary. Since i was catching up on my email and such, i figured i should post an update.

The trip was nice. We went to Whidbey Island for an overnight stay and a visit to the local Arts and crafts festival. The festival fas fun and there was alot of interesting things to see. But since this was also our first visit to Whidbey Island, it was nice to play tourists and look around. A hotel room was hard to come-by because of the festival but we managed to get the Honeymoon suite at the Coachman Inn, which i guess was suiting for our anniversary.

The other interesting thing is that we ate at the restaurant at the Old Holland Inn, and I ate Ostrich for the first time. It is interesting because you'd classify an ostrich as a bird and would expect chicken-like meat but in reality it's red meat, just like beef. In the end, it was really good and worth trying 🙂

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