XP SP2, Books, Amazon.com and other ramblings…

Here is yet another daily post from me. Figured i would cover several little topics today. I'm actually curious to see how long my drive to to post daily blog entries will last. You know i have to run out of ideas at some point 🙂


Finally went ahead and installed the final release of Windows XP Service Pack 2 yesterday. Now, I have to admit that i had been running the beta version for a while on my laptop so i had a good idea what to expect when the final version came out. So far it has been smooth sailing for me. I have to say that for me the biggest benefit is the pop up blocker. I know! I know! I could have installed a 3rd party blocker but i always had been too lazy.

Now, i know lots of people are complaining to the fact that all the enhanced security will make their lives difficult and that some applications will not work properly anymore. But i see it as a necessary thing moving forward. I think you have to look at it in a way similar to the steps taken by the US to improve the security from terrorist activities. The fact is that the more security you implement the more likely you will have to limit some known freedoms. Same goes in software!! Some applications out there took advantage of features which were big security loopholes and blocking those holes implies breaking some applications. It's one or the other, can't have both!!

My Book and Amazon.com

As i said in my post yesterday, my new book ("Shaders for Game Programmers and Artists") is now available online. Yesterday, the actual listing was incomplete but now all seems to be working well. Talking with my publisher (Course PTR), they said they would organize some form of promotion for it on Amazon after Siggraph is over to make up for lost time. Not sure what the details on this will be yet but I'm assuming it will be either a special sale price or a "buy these two books for a lower price" type bundle.

Speaking of which, i just wanted to extend a big thanks to everyone out there who have already purchased my book. I worked really hard on it and i appreciate the fact that people everywhere are finding my work helpful. Which brings me to a little request for anybody out there who actually has a copy of my book. I would really appreciate if you can help me out by taking 5-10 minutes of your time by going to the link above and filling out an online book review. This would greatly be appreciated...

Doom 3

Gotta go buy it! Gotta go buy it! That's all i have to say on this so far 🙂

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