Amazonian Hell… Part 2

One day after my first post on how after two months my new book still wasn't listed on, the listing has finally shown up (check it out). I'm sure my post had nothing to do with it but it sure feels good that my book is finaly listed out there 🙂

From my post and some feedback i received from it, this lead me to wonder... Personally, i get most of my tech books usually from Amazon, mostly because they have decent pricing, and quick shipping. But how do other geeks out there get their favorite reading material? The reason i wonder is because i am curious as to what is the best retail market for a book such as "Shaders for Game Programmers and Artists"... ??

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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    Well like I posted Yesterday I prefer BookPool, I prefer them to Amazon because as you can see there is a price difference between them and Amazon. Even on your book. But BookPool is strictly tech books. That is all it has ever been.

    Now Bookpool is really a little known site when you get to discussing it. Maybe you knew about it maybe you didn’t but I am on the Board for .net user group and I mentioned Bookpool in a board meeting once and no one ever heard of it before now it gets high praise, I don’t know why, cheaper prices maybe, but I know why I like it. I also helped head up a local Study group for the MCSD cert, We all bought study guides but a quick search on bookpool vs amazon will show you the price differnce so everyone bought from bookpool. That big MCSD Study kit from MSPRess was at the time a $20 difference between Amazon and Bookpool. Also they have been around for I know over 4 years. But why I like it, a heck of a lot cleaner interface. Amazon is just too big too busy. I can find specifically what I want when I want it. They have features and stuff like wishlists and so on. But they do not have features that get in your way. And I have never ever seen a pop up on bookpool’s site. I have even had one of their computer glitches at amazon once cancel my credit card. Talk about pissed, about out of gas, no cash on me, pull up to pump and well you can imagine. Enough of my ranting on Amazon. But besides the bad experiences it is cheaper and the shipping is same as amazon’s.

    Now as far as a broader audience for your book the one thing I like right in the Title. For Game Programmers and Artists. Keyword being Artist. Like I mentioned in the previous post I play with 3d, I am not a game programmer, I am more of an artist programmer. This really has been the first book I can remember on 3D that said anything about artists. Which is really what I mess with. I think the artists or at least the programmers for artists are an untapped market, you can not find good books on the art side of 3d. But there is a demand for it.

    Anyway one of my favorite 3d sites for artists and rendering, is it is over 100k members all 3d artists several programmers and so on. Now stuff on building rendering engines, Lighting shading, tracing stuff like that would target and audience that really has nothing like that now. Basically the programmers for the 3D artist tools, read 3D gamer tools books then come up with thier own adaptations.

    Now the one thing about your book is the ATI stuff. I have really had a lot of problems with new ATI Technologies. Older ATI Technologies used to work great, new ones give me nothing but grief. A simple example, After getting extremely frustrated with yet another driver patch from ATI Which broke half my 3D apps again and Once again failed to recognize 8X AGP and wouldn’t let me revert back to previous version. I finally gave up with them and went out and got a Gforce and what a relief. Windows default OpenGL screen savers stopped cause ati.drv to go into an infinite loop. Now getting their software off my system is still plagueing me. So now is the ATI Software mentioned in the review on your book a requirement? Or can you do everything it it with OpenGL and Or DirectX by itself?

  2. Mark says: – Not all books are sold halfprice here. The new ones are 20% less. They sell pretty decent game programming books, old ones like LaMothe’s, Game Prog Gems for 50% off. The problem with Amazon is that it takes a heck a long time(atleast in Canada). I have placed an order with them 2 weeks and the book hasnt even been shipped out yet.

  3. If I am looking for a specific subject I will go through some of the reviews on Amazon and then buy through Chapters. When I am in the city I try to make it Chapters in person and just browse through the aisles. To me one of the most important factors is how complete the index is since I generally buy for reference and can’t say I have ready many computer books cover to cover.

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