“The network path was not found” with a clustered SQL Server

You can maybe find this error message when you using a clustered SQL Server. You cannot create/delete a new model (from AX client or from AxUtil.exe tool) but can still make a listing of all model. In fact, all writing modification cannot be done.   The main solution : http://ax4dev.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/the-network-path-was-not-found-with-a-clustered-sql-server/


Blocking copy / Ctrl-C on a grid

I’ve hear that this request is often asked. So there is a little piece of code to block all copy of data in a grid (for all form) If you want to do this only on one form, you need to overwritte the method taks in the form   For my case, you need to…


AX: Listing files in a folder (code example)

Some time you will maybe need to research some file in the folder. So find here a little piece of code you can make a listing of file in the directory (here, temp folder)   static void myFileList(Args _args){    FilePath                sFilePath;     System.IO.DirectoryInfo di;    System.IO.FileInfo[]    fis;    System.IO.FileInfo      fi;    int                     i;    int                     l;    ;     sFilePath  …


AX 2012 : Little labels user guide

This little post for talking about labels in AX 2012. Version 2. CREATE LABEL ID As previous version, use the wizard   And after that, restart the AOS. CREATE LABEL Use the label editor to create a new label. Select your new label:   And write your new label and press CTRL-N   DELETE LABEL…


TextIO : Little user guide

I receive sometime some remarks concerning how to use the TextIO file, so there is a little example of how to use it. You must also know that TextIO class will replace the old AsciiIO class. When you create your file with the ‘new’, you can also add a parameter: ‘CodePage’. This CodePage can create…