How to move a website and not break SEO [Infographic]

During our recent Microsoft Value Professionals (MVP) SEO clinics, I was asked about best practices when moving a website.  Tweet We have handled a number of situations inside Microsoft where he have had to move a website from one domain to another, or from one subfolder to another.  I have created the infographic below to…


Flatten your site architecture

Recently we ran some SEO site clinics for our Microsoft Valued Professionals (MVPs), where we discussed numerous search optimization topics for blogs and websites they own or run.  One topic which came up was that of having a flat site architecture (i.e. ensuring that your content is as few clicks from the homepage as possible)….


All about SEO on (Audio interview)

I was recently interviewed by the guys at to discuss Search Engine Optimization and social media, with an emphasis on the discoverability efforts we go through for  The audio podcast is available on demand (approx 25 minutes long)… Episode 14: SEO with Chris Moore Tweet Author: Chris Moore is a program manager…


How to implement a drop down correctly for SEO

Whilst drop down boxes are commonly used to present web users with a list of many choices for a destination page to be routed to, if they are not implemented correctly the ‘links’ will not be counted by search engines and no PageRank will be passed. Example of search engines not ‘seeing’ links… For example,…


5 SEO features for your Content Management System

Imagine you have just received the keys to a shiny new, custom built, special edition sports car which you have had on order for months.  You have the keys in your hand, the car is sitting on your drive way, the sun is shining and you’ve got a free afternoon…what do you do? 1) Leave…


Web writing guidelines from Yahoo!

Yahoo have create a set of writing guidelines for the web, which are actually quite useful and quick to read (I guess it would be very ironic if they were not!)… Chris Moore is a Program Manager working on Search Engine Optimisation at Microsoft.  Follow him on Twitter


Beginners guide to SEO

It’s easy to assume that everyone knows the basics of SEO…titles, headings, PageRank, keyword research, etc… I’m guilty of assuming that everyone I speak to (or everyone who reads my blog) knows the fundamentals already – which often results in a confused stare as I throw terms like ‘link juice’, ‘domain authority’ and ‘QDF –…


Free SEO toolkit with tutorial videos

A new page on provides tutorial videos, step by step instructions and download links for using the IIS SEO toolkit to optimise the discoverability of your pages.  You can run the toolkit on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (as well as on Windows Server), and it’s crawler/analysis tools can scan your website to detect…


SEOMOZ Pro SEO Training London (#proseo)

I am on the train on the way back from the fantastic SEOMOZ/Distilled Pro Training seminar in London.  It has been an absolutely fantastic 2 days, with great speakers, insightful SEO tips, a free bar and lots of interesting people to talk to. The Pro training seminar was as it’s name suggests, aimed at SEO…


SEOMOZ Pro Training in London this week

This week I will be attending the SEOMOZ pro training seminar in London, UK.  Some colleagues from Microsoft Corporate attended the Seattle based event a couple of months ago and found it very valuable, so I am looking forward to sharing the latest SEO techniques with you all whilst I am there.  I will be…