Awesome Expert SEO advice from the Distilled ProSEO seminar


Lots of great nuggets of information coming out of the Distilled ProSEO conference again this year.  Here are a few of my favourites tweets and links from day 1 (Monday 25th October).  Some EXTREMELY valuable and up to date information in the links below…

Top Tweets…

  • matt_seo Matthew Taylor
    Just because you won’t rank for a keyword don’t leave it off your facetted navigation – it will hit your usability. #proseo

  • ChrisMdotcom Chris Moore
    #proseo the average number of links per page has dropped loads since 2007, but number of tweets/shares/likes has gone up!
  • KlikkiScott Scott Roemermann
    super tip: use keyword research to find people looking for embeddable content (people who will link to you). #proseo
  • linkaufbau VOLM Saša Ebach
    #proseo look at techmeme leaderboard in one day 60 of the ppl on the list linked back
  • matt_seo Matthew Taylor
    Turn your tweets into content. Summarise top tweets on x. People will link in. #proseo
  • jaamit Jaamit Durrani
    a post on "10 most beautiful train stations in europe" got picked up by the dutch train companies who were proud – corp ego hook
  • jaamit Jaamit Durrani
    mostly it doesnt make sense to 301 linkbait content to a more commercial page. they keep getting links/traffic over a long period

Author: Chris Moore is a program manager from Microsoft working on Search Engine Optimisation.  Follow him on Twitter

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