Share Bing search results on Facebook/Twitter

image Are Bing looking to change the way that people share content on the web? 

Today, most users will perform a search, browse a set of web pages (probably involving multiple clicks of the ‘Back’ button) and then possibly share selected content by copying and pasting the URL in to Twitter/Facebook, or clicking on the social sharing icon if the website happens to have one.

Users will soon be able to click the sharing buttons right next to search results to share their discoveries on Facebook, Twitter or email. . .

Whilst I have not seen this functionality yet for myself, the rich result when posted to Facebook looks very cool. . .

I am curious to see whether this will be limited to product searches.  I also can’t help but wonder what effect this will have on retailers trying to analyse customer buying patterns!?  With super rich search results easily shared on Bing, the retailers may only see the customers show up on their analytics packages when they make the purchase.

Bing already has great tools to allow advertisers to analyse search patterns, I would love to see whether it will also provide views of customer browsing/sharing patterns as this technology evolves.


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