MSDN/TechNet Leaderboards Now Live!

As per my previous posts, we've finished the integration of the MSDN and TechNet Blogs into the Profile and Recognition system, allowing us to recognize the contributions from bloggers, commentators and raters. Now that the data is flowing in, we've been able to take advantage of a new feature from the recognition system, Leaderboards.

To get things started and to get some eyes onto the leaderboards, we've put 3 leaderboards for each MSDN and TechNet on the blog sites and they are available here (which is also the View All Blog Posts pages):

The leaderboards are as follows:

  • Most Active Contributors: Count of Blog Posts + Blog Comments + Ratings on posts over the past 30 days.
  • Most Active Commentators: Count of Comments in the past 30 days (with the expectation that more of the non-blog authors will appear on this list).
  • Popular Post Contributors: Recognition Points earned in the past 5 days. Points are earned based on the quality and viewership of the posts and hence will shift regularly. 

Note: The leaderboards will update daily so keep a watch to see who are the movers and shakers!


Congratulations to our first set of leaderboard contributors:

Leaderboard Image


If you have any feedback, comment below. We'd love to hear it!

Comments (2)

  1. Are the leaderboards supposed to be different between the TechNet and MSDN blogs?

  2. SeanJenkin says:

    Yep, the leaderboards on the MSDN Blogs page only factor in contributions on the MSDN blogs. Same for the TN blogs.

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